Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tilting at Windmills - a film by Jess Allen & Sara Penrhyn Jones


  1. Three years to the day that I set off on the walk and the adventure that would lead to the production of this film, which has since given birth to 'tracktivism' and my current PhD at the University of

    Thank you to all the people I encountered then and continue to meet and talk to while walking.

    1. You have many good examples of shadow-flicker in this video. Imagine being stuck with that in your home, plus insidious infrasound, and what it does to animals who can't complain to officials.

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  3. The fundamental problem with wind turbines is the sheer size and numbers required (to still not do much about climate change). As of now, they are contributing less than 1% of total world energy supply, and heavily dependent on fossil fuels while claiming to fight them.

    I don't see any way people can call them "beautiful" in that full context. Look at the prospective numbers cited in schemes like Mark Jacobson's "100% renewable energy" plan, which calls for 3.8 MILLION large wind turbines, most of which would be visible, onshore and off. Nature is already under too much pressure from construction projects.

    The noise component, even if avoided by certain people, is doing untold harm to wildlife that never evolved to deal with infrasound, etc. And of course the bird and bat kills will only grow.

  4. The guy commenting at 8:15 is disengenous, comparing missing trees (but still plenty of green grass) to the invasion of entirely unnatural machines. It's like saying there's no difference between getting a haircut and driving tacks into one's skull. You see many similar rationalizations in pro wind power arguments, like excusing bird-kills by citing more deaths via house-cats. More bats are now killed by wind turbines than anything man-made, so wind-shills avoid that topic, or lie about techno-fixes.

    And again, wind power is doing very little about carbon. See: