Monday, 2 August 2010


tilting@windmills is a land-based performance research project which seeks to explore communities’ response to change in the landscape, specifically wind energy development in rural Wales. Through recordings and interviews collected on a long-distance walk between the wind clusters that lie along the spine of mid-Wales, it intends to offer an embodied perspective on changing values in changing landscapes in a changing climate. It also opens a forum for debate on these challenging issues outside of the charged environment of the village hall or political chamber. A short film, produced as a visual response to an edited soundscore of these recordings, and artist’s book will form the basis of a participative installation which invites viewers/participants to make their own contribution to the landscape of discussion. But fundamentally, it also represents a personal journey for the artists, through unknown yet familiar and difficult territory – geographical, emotional and political – allowing for the possibility of change in their own landscape of ‘informed’ opinion.

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