Sunday, 15 August 2010

Last leg to Llangwyryfon

A very short (by my new standards anything less than four miles) walk from Llangwyryfon & I'm up at the wind farm. I can see Mynydd Gorddu & Rheidol from yesterday & Cefn Croes on the far horizon. Beyond that the protective line of Pumlumon peaks obscures the last week's more easterly Powys turbines from view. I can see the adjacent hill where I kept Merlin too.  And the hills around Nantymoch where I've been repeatedly told more turbines are planned with the usual opposition (my Bontgoch interviewee laughed & said emphatically 'people are *driving* up there to see where they're going to be. If they don't *want* them there, why *drive up to see them*?' more laughter at such foolishness).

I'm walking to the village of Llanddeiniol after this to 'finish' the walk, meeting Sara & kids at her friend's house there. I'm greeted with cake & congratulations (I can't quite work out what for initially, I'm still frustrated that my injury-knee nonsense has prevented me walking ALL the way), orange & vanilla tea, tremendous hospitality & best of all ice packs for my knee (which saw me walking the last few miles downhill (much worse than up) like a crab, which would be comic if it wasn't painful). Also then much conversation about the trip, our own attitudes, lifestyles & some contradictions, & the difficulties of committing to the 'frugality' of eco-living which can seem ungenerous & inhospitable (not here though; Sara & I lingered long enough to stay for dinner and Anne our generous host shared a German saying 'three were invited, five came, water down the soup, everyone is welcome') the difficulties that even environmentalists now seem to face in reaching consensus about how we really can avert runaway climate change. We also start planning the logistics of filming on Monday, Anne's daughter will babysit so we can go off on site. I'm still confused about what I want to achieve, so Sara is generous with her filming & editing expertise. I'm bad at communicating my artistic 'vision' which I find hard to articulate until it 'arrives'. I'm also a bit in awe of Sara's expertise & intellect I realise, which makes me a bit reticent to share my unsophisticated ideas. But it's an exciting process & a new exchange.

I just hope that something good will emerge & grow from here. It's not going to change the world but... Jeanette Winterson writes 'the power of art is so immense, even its dilutions are homeopathic'. I truly hope this is so...


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